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Creating a high-performance team consistently, every time, in multiple locations, requires benchmarking. By profiling the top performer in a team you can create an ideal benchmark and measure current and future candidates against it.

The benchmark will help you make an informed decision based on behavior exhibited in that same role by numerous previously successful candidates and team members. It will remove the highly unreliable gut feeling, which is basically guesswork, from the equation and improve your success.

Map individual against benchmark.

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Team dynamics

Conflict and motivation are the result of many factors, which can be divided in a handful of key categories. These are Capability, Conviction, Experience and Engagement. While each of these is a topic of detailed discussion in itself, the conflict-motivation interplay can be made simpler if we just understand and map behavior.

To simplify this even further, as a leader you have 3 roles: motivate each individual member of a team, ensure they work as a team, and get results. Motivated individuals outperform skilled and experienced ones that are less motivated every time. A united team will always outperform a dysfunctional one. And when you have both motivation and unity, you are sure to get results that exceed expectations.

“People respond according to their expectations not yours”

So if understanding and mapping behaviors can give you the insight you need to accomplish this seemingly daunting task and simplify it, would you not want to learn it, become great at it and turn into an excellent leader?

AccuMatch will not only map a person’s behavioral responses to their role in the team, but it will also map each of the team members so that they and you can see when and how they are likely to interact with each other.

It will also show you how you interact with team members, where there is synergy and where there is conflict, so you can maximize synergy and make conflict healthy rather than let it turn into unhealthy dysfunction.

Team dynamics map.

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Benchmarking can be used to also see how well someone will be accepted or assimilated by the group they are about to join. This is how organizational culture can also be mapped.

For instance, the culture of a successful customer service help desk is important to protect, so you will have to make sure you avoid rotten apples that can spoil the whole bunch. You would want to make sure that you match candidates to roles by aligning behavior to the tasks, and you would also want to match their motivation and engagement with others.

Engage and Motivate

Achieving optimal performance from each team member and the team as a whole is about bringing all that together. When you engage individuals or the team as a whole, you need to consider a number of aspects in your communication, such as word choice and emotional response to feedback — is it better to be direct, or be seen as caring and sensitive? Well, you may be surprised (or probably not) to find out that we’re not all the same and communication is much more effective when you, as sender of a message, adopt the language of the receiver.

Put simply, it would be much easier for your team to get the message if you communicate it in their way, the way they would like to hear it, and not yours. This will then help you engage people in a manner that they expect, and not in the manner you prefer to use to engage people.

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