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Leadership Programs

101 coaching

Each situation and each person’s needs are unique, which is why many leaders prefer to work one on one for their specific case with a coach.

An AccuMatchBI coach is an experienced coach in both behavioral intelligence challenges and strategies as well business methodologies and best practices.

Whatever challenges you are facing can be addressed together. Whether these are team challenges, systems, or revenue and profitability your coach can draw from a resource pool of over 400 best practices to help you work through these.

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Team workshops

While you as a leader are well equipped to deal with many challenges, you are also very busy and the challenges are best handled by an outside professional.

There are many cases where culture, performance and motivation are best handled by an external resource.

The best intentions in the world, when delivered from inside the organization seem to fall on deaf ears. And an outsider brings experience from having worked with many other similar organizations and draws from those experiences.

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Self-paced courses

So you like to learn at your own pace. Many of the modules used in 101 coaching and team workshops can be found in our extensive library of self-paced courses.

Even if you have engaged a coach to do 101 coaching and/or team workshops you might still want to access the additional resources to supplement your learning.

We are constantly adding to the library of resources, and you may want to become a member so as to be notified of new resources when they are added.

Watch them at home or download the audio and listen in the car.

Executive Coaches Wanted!

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence business and corporate coaches needed. Discover what it takes to become an AccuMatchBI coach.

Who do you know that would be great as a coach and business or executive mentor?