AccuMatch has provided coaches with an insight that is being thought of as the Coaching Intelligence. The observed Neural Behaviours highlighted through an AccuMatch map, provide us with the Intelligence to quickly hone in on the drivers behind these.

This is what some of our certified coaches have to say.



“It’s been a huge tool for me to shift my languaging in particular areas and it’s just made life so much easier.”

Bruce Wilson

Master Coach, ActionCOACH New Zealand


“In terms of AccuMatch, I’m very excited about it, but I still have to learn.  For me it’s about the application, I think the theory makes a lot of sense and it’s a way to keep it top of mind.  That why I want to be part of this group. I trust I will learn a lot and also contribute a lot”

South Africa - Francois Lubbe

Business Coach, Bencois and Associates (Pty) Ltd


“… I’m a big proponent of DISC, but it only goes so far and it doesn’t go deep enough to be able to help correct behaviour.  And, what I see AccuMatch is, is the next level stuff. “

Canada - Curtis Harren

Business Coach, CEO CoPilot


“The AccuMatch is something I can just see a real lot of value with regards to the deeper understanding and knowledge and the advancement it takes from what we’re doing with DISC at the moment, taking it to a much finer level of detail with our business owners …”

United Kingdom - Steve Gaskell

Business Coach, The Challenge Coach

“I found the Accumatch tool very unique, I used to work with DISC but this is something very different. It gave me shortcuts to understand and approach directly the underlying root cause of my clients issues. This has definitively assisted me in helping my clients faster and better. It gives you access to the blue print of your clients’ meta programs, this is the new age, it would be archaic not to use it”

Australia - Nathalie Gevinti

Coach, Unlimited Mindset Solutions


The whole process that is the absolute value of something like AccuMatch, is because it gives the coach the opportunity to go "Yeah, this is really good, but what is this a manifestation of?”  When a client gets to that point, then you can zoom right in to understand the value base that you are actually craving to have satisfied.  Now there is behavioural options and choices.

Lawry Scandar

Master Coach, Osiris Group


“I really see the benefits of this behavioural (tool).  If I’m going deeper than DISC, understanding more about what holds people back, what can move people forward.  I regard myself as more of a transformational coach anyway, so anything that I can add into the armoury to help me do that, get better results for people, fantastic!

United Kingdom - Andy Hemming

Personal Transformation Coach, Chameleon Business Coaching


“I think with this, I see this as a really being able to maximize what we do with our clients on a one-to-one basis.  I’ve really enjoyed doing (DISC) up to date, but I’ve never had a really good program to really get under the skin of understanding our clients.  DISC is good, but I really think this takes it to a whole new level, so I’m really looking forward to what we can do with this. To really accelerate their growth.”

United Kingdom

Business Coach, ActionCOACH

“Accumatch is a practical mapping tool for coaching clients and teams. It lets me hone in on specific neural behavior traits that hinder my clients success, and replace those patterns with enabling behavior. I use it as a baseline and measurement application for all client engagement. It is a gamechanger and my #1 coaching intelligence tool, no doubt.”

Norway - Lene Øveland Berge

Organizational Development Consultant and Coach, Be You Coaching & Consulting