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Lawry Scandar

Master coach, Industrial Psychologist 

Lawry is an energetic and powerfully engaging facilitator who leads people to remember and feel their passions and aspirations to live and work well. Lawry cherishes the richness of personal history and diversity people bring to their everyday work and off-the-job development programs.

As a coach, therapist, consultant and facilitator Lawry draws on his background and experience in large-scale public and private sector change projects, industrial, community and private practice psychology

Lawry’s work background spans over 25 years industrial experience in both large and small organisations.


Bruce Wilson

Master certified business and executive coach
Coaching business owners to understand who they are as a person, developing their strengths and taking postiive, pro-active action to reach their next level of potential.
Core Coaching Expertise:

  • Understanding Yourself & Your Success Profile
  • Moving Beyond Limits
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Dissolving FEAR and Judgement

New Zealand

Sandra Bihelek

AccuMatch Master Coach and Trainer
Decoding the natural language of you and your team, as it relates to the behavior within the company’s culture. Helping you to crack the code of your workplace and engage your team.

Statistics show that clients and team members are attracted to the company’s culture first, and the product and services second. Your culture reflects who you are and who you want to do business with.


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“This is a must for coaching. I won’t coach anyone unless they’ve done an AccuMatch map. It shortcuts the discovery process and let’s get straight to the HOW to get changes quickly. It is the accelerator. “

Bruce Wilson

Master Coach & Hall of Famer, ActionCOACH Business Coaching

“The difficulty with coaching and the reason people don’t do what their coach is helping them to realize that they should do, is usually “frankly” because of what is going between their ears. Most coaches are not equipped to analyze and discover what is holding them back. AccuMatch maps this for you so that you can get that insight quickly, and get them on the path to execution. There is truly nothing like it.”

Lawry Scandar

Master Coach, Trainer and Psychologist, Osiris Group

“This has completely changed how I coach. In one instance; after being acquired by a larger organization and dealt a target double what they were achieving before, I was able to leverage AccuMatch map to identify the areas that needed attention, and in their first month they hit their new target for the first time ever. AccuMatch has changed my life and everyone who comes in touch with it.”

Nagui Bihelek

Business and Executive Coach, Founder of AccuMatch, NLP Profiles Inc

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Why do I use it?

It has fast tracked my neural intelligence without having to get a degree in psychology or neuroscience. It allows me to coach at the behavioral level quickly and effectively. AccuMatch is an accurate way to map the neural patterns that show up as behavior. Just like...

How has it helped me?

I lead managers in a large organization, and AccuMatch LeadershipBI program allowed me to understand myself in a way that was not possible till now. It showed up my behavioral blind-spots and those of my team. I can now observe behaviors without being automatically...

My career has catapulted.

When I learned about my behaviors and how these were limiting my personal and professional development it was a huge eye-opener. Then when my Accudemics career coach worked with me to discover my passion, I was able to focus my professional development to align with...