The AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence Platform, accelerates desired, leadership outcomes.

Coaching For Business (SME)

 The Owner

 The Business

1: AccuMatch Assessment

The owneris the lifeline of the business. When the owner is not functioning on all cylinders the whole team and business are affected. Stress, Frustration, Overwhelm, Easily Angered, etc… We need to understand the owner’s behavioral habits, triggers and responses.

1: Business Assessment

Before prescribing solutions and strategies we need to first complete a deep understanding of the current state. Like a doctor doing the blood-work, X-rays, CT Scan or whatever is necessary in order to get a clear picture of their patient’s condition. No judgement and no assumptions.

2: Goals and Challenges

Establishing clarity and focus. When the owner is clear about his/her goals and how they are going to achieve these, it is easy to stay on target. It’s easy to stay focused. And it’s easy to deal with challenges.

2: Correction Strategies

Now that we have a clear picture of the gaps between what’s there and what’s missing, what’s working and what needs improvement, we can build a strategy to correct these. Identify resources and timelines to complete these.

3: Individual and Team development

Blind spots and limiting behaviors stem from within us. These are programmed into us from childhood by our parents, then our friends, and past experiences. We can’t change the past, but we can build a new set of success behaviours.

3: Implementation

While implementation belongs with the business owner and their team, the outside perspective which a coach brings ensures accountability to agreed priorities are kept and challenged in order to stay on track.

  • Coaching For Corporate

  • Leaders and Executives

  • Teams and Culture

1: AccuMatch Assessment

Just like a small business, each unit leader is in essence running a small business within a much larger one made up of many such businesses working together in harmony or in disarray. The Leaders and Execs are either motivating their team or are the reason the team is under performing.

The AccuMatch assessments exposes the unconscious habits and patterns producing the results and responses their leadership style is precipitating.

1: Results Analysis

Culture, Individual Performance and Employee Engagement are resultants of the foundation and fabric of the values and beliefs shared by the group. Everything from the hiring process through to the resultant group behavior.

AccuMatch is a powerful assessment able to expose group behavior patterns we often observe and label as Culture or Performance. It is still the only system to quickly expose these patterns.

2: Behavior Development Plan

The blind spots and limiting behaviors stemming from past experience, beliefs and values were developed through a long list of experiences. Some of these continue to serve them well, while others need to be challenged and new ones introduced that achieve the desired results with their team members.

2: Culture Transformation Goals

External and Internal observable behaviors for each team require specific educational workshops and programs to create a level of accountability to establish reportable progress to stay on track.

the coach draws from a large pool of systems and methods from the AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence platform.

3: Transformation

Coaching 101 to obtain new behavioral patterns requires weekly interaction between coach and leader. Situational analysis and transformational practices are discussed, developed and implemented. Progress is tracked and transformation begins. The team may need to be brought along for balance to be sustainable.

3: Implementation and Tracking

Once a plan and goals are identified, implementation can begin. The coach(es) schedule workshops and individual 101 sessions where needed to support the team and organizational transformation. The combination of Leadership and Team transformation align to achieve the desired corporate outcomes.

Coaches Needed!

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence business and corporate coaches needed. Discover what it takes to become an AccuMatchBI coach.

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