Take Your Coaching to a whole new Level With AccuMatchBI.

Access the only assessment to map our unconscious neural programs that show up as behaviors.

No labels, just specific traits observed

as behaviors and actions.

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence is making the world a better place.
One person, one business and one leader at a time.

why this works?

Every person is unique.
We don't all fit inside a label.

The AccuMatchBI Framework.


Technological advancements from the turn of the century has refuted past notions that we are fixed as identified by our personality profiles. The fact is we are constantly learning, changing and evolving.

Neuro Linguistics Programming

Our brain runs many programs that we take for granted as habits or unconscious behaviors. If we weren't born with them, then we must have learned them. Can we learn new ones? Yes!

Cognitive Behavior Psychology

Behaviorism predated cognitive psychology by centuries. Today the two have emerged as a clear realization that behavior and thinking both work together in shaping who we are.

Case Studies.

Behavioral impact on organizations


Fast Food Chain reduced turnover from 70% to 32%


Building Society bottomline savings.


Major Hotel increase employee productivity.


Movie Theatre chain increased customer satisfaction.

Is this you?

Who is AccuMatch
Behavior Intelligence for?

UPGRADE from DiSC, MBTI, Kilmann, Hogan, Emergenetics, Clifton Strengths, etc.

That's right! Many coaches see AccuMatch behavior Intelligence as the missing element that provides the detail specificity needed to go deeper, quicker and with high degree of accuracy.

It has been touted at the graduate degree of assessments. No more guesswork or labels that can be interpreted in many different ways. No more trying to explain what is right there in front of you with a high degree of specificity.

Find out the difference this can make.

Tony Robbins only uses a few of these to amaze his audience. We map 49 Meta-Programs in one place.

We've all heard about meta-programs from experts around the world. They are included in almost every coach training certification. But they only showed you a small handful. Just enough to tease you.

Tony Robbins is one of the most recognized public figures using NLP meta-programs. Learn what he knows at the foundation level so you can make sense of how these Behavioral Intelligence coaching techniques work.

Become an expert yourself.


Come on a journey of behavioral discovery.

Your every action is a behavior, and it is that behavior which gets you results and outcomes in life and at work. When you know which behavior is resulting in the wrong outcomes, getting you undesired consequences, you can start to reshape your thoughts in order to act out according to your desired outcomes.


For a long time it was believed that it's enough to just change our thoughts in order to change our outcomes. Today we have greater clarity about the need to also understand that the best intentions do not automatically translate to correct behavior.