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Is your training recognized by one of these organizations or Similar?

This is the stuff they do not teach.


Get better results for your clients by understanding the neural-programs, habits and patterns that show up as observable behaviors.
Everything about your client starts with their behaviors. Behaviors that stemmed from the neural-networks of their brain, and are acted out in real-life.
Getting clients to breakthrough their limiting behaviors starts with understanding that how a person tackles a task is just as important as knowing what task to tackle.
Behavior Intelligence is the process of depersonalizing the observed behaviors in others, and working with the cause, at the neural-level, for the behaviors rather than the person themselves.

Benefits of Behavior Intelligence

Expand your coaching intelligence into the following categories.


Helping organization leaders and individuals to uncover their limiting behaviors and blind-spots is the first step to working with them to introduce new neural-pathways which will result in new behavior that breakthrough old barriers.


How do you catalog and map the culture of a team or organization without a neural-mapping system. AccuMatch’s Behavioral coaching is the only program that allows you to quickly and visually show the common behaviors of an organization. Their CULTURE.


Passion and conviction about a role are unconscious neural patterns. In order to achieve long term sustainable change in employee engagement we need to map their unconscious behaviors, anything else is short lived.


Behavior Intelligence training courses helps you learn about your own limiting behaviors, your own blind-spots. Achieve greater results for yourself, your family, you clients, and coachees. It is just as important for you to grow and expand your own comfort zone and tools as it is to help others.

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Revolutionize Your Coaching Through The
Neuroscience of Behavior Intelligence!

AccuMatchBI Certification

AccuMatch maps behavior that we observe in others. It’s the spoken language, and the non-verbal cues that are the insight to the neural programs that each of us run in our heads to make decisions, to respond to situations verbally or physically. Behavior Intelligence allows you to coach a neural level of these behaviors.

Video Lessons

We’ve broken up the training into a series of Online lessons that you can access from anywhere. The lesson units and modules are short and to the point, so you can take them in small bite size pieces and apply what you learn as you go. Regular practice between modules will significantly improve your results with your clients.

Assessment Maps

Included with the online training and certification are 2 free (non-expiring) client assessments. Subject to program purchased you have the opportunity to subscribe to monthly plans and receive assessments at a significantly reduced rate. These provide you with ability to quickly monetize your investment while you get real life practice and support from our professional master trainers.

Weekly Webinars

We know it takes time and practice. Just like any sport. Real life examples, scenarios and coaching sessions are provided live every week via global webinars, so that you can become proficient at coaching with Behavior Intelligence and the AccuMatch BRMap.

Backend Systems

Unlimited access to your client reports. As we make new functionalities available, you get immediate access to these features through the mapping software. To map individuals, team members, or to move people around when they change roles or even companies.

One-on-one Review

Unlimited access to your client reports. As we make new functionalities available, you get immediate access to these features through the mapping software. To map individuals, team members, or to move people around when they change roles or even companies.

Access Our YouTube Video Channel

Want to check out some of our educational content? Check out some of these video on our YouTube channel.

More About Behavior Intelligence Training

In order to make the changes need to transform yourself and your success we start with an understanding of Behavior. To achieve the highest level of Intelligence about Behaviors. Your behaviors and the behaviors of others. Every interaction with others involves Observed Behaviors.


Part of the journey to working at the neural level with clients is to understand the role of how and why our brains filter what we observe. What you hear and see is filtered first. Reducing the volume of information to manageable sizes. Reducing by aligning to your own set of guidelines.

Eliminate guesswork

Some prefer to called it gut instinct, when in reality it is a guess. When something matches a previous experience our brain processes that and gives us a the feeling that this is familiar. This familiarity happens so quickly at an unconscious level that all we relate to is the feeling, which we call gut instinct.

Be an Industry Leader

In order to take your coaching to the next level a coach needs to be able to recognize when they themselves are bringing their own biases to their coaching.Knowing and understanding the behaviors cataloged by AccuMatch Behavioural training courses is the first step to not only recognizing these but also managing them.

38 Lessons, 20 hours,
1 x One-on-one coaching session,
8 Weekly Group Coaching Classes.

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  • 2 x assessments included
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This course assumes you have a coaching certification skill level acquired a reputable source or from one of these associations or coach training institutions or equivalent. If you do not, then please contact us to find out how to join one of our coach training certifications.

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