November 29, 2019


Ever since you were born you have been learning new things. Every one of these involved your brain.  Every time you repeated the same task you reinforced the learning.  Repeat the same task enough times and you have now shifted this task into unconscious behavior.

Just like a computer program, your brain too is highly programmable. Now some of you may find it difficult to relate to being programmable like a computer, while others will get that straight away. Why is that? Simply, it's because some of grow up to be more comfortable with feeling and emotions, while others with logic and process. But that's a topic for another day...

When you learned to walk, you were a bit clumsy or a lot depending on how much practice you've had. The more you did it the better you got at it. When was the last time you paid any attention to your ability to walk? Most likely never. Why? Because you do it unconsciously. It's already been programmed into your brain, and frankly it is working just fine. The brain doesn't need to be concerned with that unless it falters, like if you trip - you might start being aware of picking up your feet more, rather than shuffling. Otherwise you just don't care.

What about brushing your teeth, or driving a car.  When you first started learning to drive, you were probably clumsy there too. Drifting into the wrong lane, stopping abruptly - almost giving your passengers whip-lash.  Unable to shoulder check or check your mirrors without drifting outside your lane. But the more you practiced the more you got better.  While you may wonder about some people's driving skills - lol, unfortunately some people never fully master driving, while others go on to race cars. They learn to manage almost any vehicle at very high speeds. Why is that?

Those of you familiar with computer programs will quickly understand what I mean.   Let's take your job at work as another example: Have you ever done a computer task enough times that you eventually decided to automate it.  Maybe it's as simple as checking your bank statement.  In the old days it was all done manually with bank books.  Now it's all electronic.  Someone thought it would be a good idea if we didn't have to manually sit and add up the math to check if the bank teller made an error, which used to happen more frequently then we'd like to admit.

Another example: In marketing today, there are many tools which automate the steps we used to manage manually. Email notifications, and auto responders let people know when you are away on vacation, and so on. 

All these happen automatically, just like walking, brushing teeth, driving, etc.

If my brain is like a computer; able to load unlimited number of programs, then how do I program my brain. There is no keyboard or computer programming language. Well, if you found that last statement a bit obvious, think again. You may not have a keyboard which looks like the ones on you computer, but you do have a keyboard. It's your Physiology. You hands, eyes, ears, in fact your whole body is your keyboard.

Is it possible for you do anything without using your body? No! It's not!  I know I haven't mastered telepathy, yet. What about you? Can you move objects without using your body? Of course not!

If you want to learn to be a Pilot, guess what? You can!
You want to learn to play golf? You can!
Want to learn programming? You can!
Want to practice being a better leader rather than being a jerk, or dictator. Yes, there is hope for those too!

To the brain, every new experience will likely seem awkward, and uncomfortable, because you have never done it before. And your body doesn't know how. Teach it and persevere with it and you can master it.

That's what programming our brain is all about.  First it's a conscious effort, and it might be difficult, then it gets easier.  You may not be a superstar at everything you take on, but that's either because of physical or psychological limitation or just lack of practice. In most cases the first two are just excuses, the reality is almost always it's lack of practice.

Many people try something once and find it difficult and quit trying.
Remember that old cliché "If you fail once try and try again". Programming your brain is easy.

We have each been given a Conscious and an Unconscious mind. Use your conscious mind to control your effort and commitment so that it gets easier and becomes an unconscious skill.

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