July 25, 2021


Have you heard of this new fancy word the corporate world is increasingly using? Behavior Intelligence!

Behavior Intelligence is a component of our consciousness that helps determine our immediate surroundings and our reactions. In common parlance, Behavior Intelligence is often used interchangeably with emotional intelligence or emotional quotient. However, Behavior Intelligence is a part of a broader spectrum of emotional quotient. On a more scientific aspect, psychologists and life coaches use Behavior Intelligence as a tool to explain behaviors, predict behaviors and help their clients control their behavior for the best outcomes in life.

Impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on Behavior Intelligence.

The pandemic has affected the lives of millions of people across the world. Public health experts recommended a lockdown, which led to many people losing their jobs, and many more began to work from home. Longer durations of remaining close together had a severe impact on the human psyche! Even though introverts deny that human beings are social animals, social interactions with different people significantly change our lives. Since we were deprived of this stimulus, there was an attitude shift in behavior patterns. For instance, ordinarily masked problems like depression and anxiety began to manifest. It is one probable factor for the increase in domestic violence. But these are just general observations, and no model fits perfectly for the entire human race. Some people used the lockdown productively, learned new skills, found new jobs, and followed their other interests.

The pandemic has provided immense opportunities for businesses to understand customer behavior in times of panic. Human behavior is to adapt, and this pandemic has proved it very well. Topics like mental health that are seen as taboo started gaining significant importance and awareness. That has resulted in the massive social acceptability of these concerns.

What is the future aspect of Behavior Intelligence?

With increasing awareness among individuals about emotional and Behavior Intelligence, it is safe to say that there is a scope for its real-life applicability and scope for further research. Behavior Intelligence is an essential tool for oneself and businesses alike, and one should indulge in further understanding the subject. Human behavior has been a topic of discussion among philosophers for millennia. Now it is time to take the scientific tangent and apply Behavior Intelligence for the betterment of society. As individuals, we can expect to see a more dynamic inclusive approach from businesses and institutions. With such cut-throat competition in every field, only those who can woo the customers by adequately appealing to their behavioral patterns will succeed. Behavior Intelligence will be an essential tool, especially in the field of sales, public relations and also in all organizations.

Behavioral implications of the pandemic in the future.

The pandemic will also play an essential role in shifting patterns of Behavior Intelligence in the future. The spectrum of the things people find ‘essential’ will shrink; even impulse buyers may take a moment to sit back and consider the pros and cons.

In the social aspect, it has been observed that as the restrictions lift in various parts of the world, social interaction is no longer the same. As people spend most of their time at home, sometimes  they may find it difficult to get out of their comfort zone. People have changed how they interact or have adopted new practices like becoming more aware of their personal space, reassessing the importance of some people in their lives, and becoming more aware of their behavior.  

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