March 6, 2020


WHAT IS B-IQ Board Game?

Life is full of interactions with other people, but there is no Life training to help us with that.

Sure your parents did the best they could, and that's gotten you this far. What if you want more?

You could go to university and psychology degree, or even a master in neuroscience. That's about 8-10 years.

Great theory, but what about real life experience. This is where Behavior Intelligence Life Lessons Game comes in.

Real-life situations, and real-life practical education and fun learning.

How it works.

Just like in real-life people disagree, and even argue. Sometimes these are low key, and sometimes these escalate to unreasonable outcomes. I am sure you have plenty of examples where this has happened.

Why did this happen? One word: Misunderstanding.

Yes, people are often misunderstood. Sometimes they say things in the heat of the moment and later regret these.

All these human traits come down to just one thing "Behavior". That's right. It's very simple, can you interact with anyone without acting out a behavior. A spoken phrase with some tonality to emphasize your point, and accompanied with a body language that supports that. Some people are very passionate in their communications while others seem neutral or even flat. All these behaviors lead to "Interpretations". Yes, another word!

Behavior x Interpretation can lead to Misunderstanding

Have you been trained to observe behaviors so you can avoid misunderstanding? Probably not.

B-IQ is a board game that will expose you to all kinds of situations, behaviors and outcomes in a fun way.

You see, in real-life very few people poke around intentionally hurting others just to learn about behaviors. They would be ones which operate on the dark-side of desirable behaviors. Most people unintentionally hurt others, rather than intentionally.

Because B-IQ is a game, we can learn so much in the context of a game without the repercussions.

Fun Interactions and a Competitive Spirit.

B-IQ Game launches on indiegogo crowdfunding!

We've launched on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for two reasons:

  1. We need time to complete the development, and we need YOUR participation. So as an early adopter we are offering several added incentives.
  2. As with all our products we always want to make these available to international communities, and that means translations to other languages.

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