August 22, 2021


At times, you reach a point in life where you find yourself going nowhere, even if you push yourself hard. You may feel certain factors act as obstacles in your way of moving forward. But, have you ever thought if you are the obstacle?

It is natural to think that circumstances make it harder for you to achieve what you want in life. Interestingly, your mind’s filter is the obstacle most of the time, and the behavior you practice sub-consciously can be a stumbling block for success. However, it is not intentional as nobody wants to ruin their progress in life. Certain behavioral patterns that we follow become hurdles in our way to a better future. But have you ever thought, what are those hindrances that are standing in the way of your personal growth? It is imperative to recognize that behavior and rectify it. AccuMatch presents a list of behavior patterns you should pay attention to for self-improvement:

You are afraid of failure:

Risk is unavoidable at every point in our lives. Once you start taking it, fear of failure becomes one of our primary inhibitions. But, you cannot grow in life unless you step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Andy Schamisso quit his public relations job to pursue his passion for tea. Now, his company Inko’s White tea makes over $3 million a year with his unique tea recipes.

It is understandable that your comfort zone can be addictive, and coming out of it may seem terrifying. But if you want to grow in life, you have to move ahead with a leap of faith and risk failure. For instance, it is not a wise decision to stay on if you feel suffocated in your present job because you fear failure. Circumstances will always create opportunities where you may fail, but only failure can polish your personal development skills and make you the individual that you are striving for in life.

You seek approval from others

Are you one of those people who say what others want to hear just to get approval? Sometimes, it is common involuntary behavior as we wish to coexist in our society peacefully. But if it’s constant, it negatively affects your personality development and your quest to achieve what you want in life. As a pushover, you slowly negate your opinions and lose yourself to fit an impression you try to create in front of others. But to achieve your goal, you have to be true to yourself, and this behavior pattern assures other’s needs at the expense of what you want. Rest assured, you can unlearn approval-seeking behavior the minute you raise your opinion’s value over others.

You put the blame on others 

If you wonder what is holding you back in life, it can be your habit of blaming others for your failure. Everybody fails in life, but that does not mean you have to seek an excuse to shake all blame off your shoulder. Being self-aware is more important than you think for optimal growth and selfimprovement. Instead of blaming others, you should start to recognize your shortcomings and take responsibility for your actions. It will help you improve your skills so that you do not make the same mistakes again.       

You want instant results

Resilience is essential for the growth of personal development. You have to realize that success might not come easily and quickly, even if you are putting your maximum effort into something. Often, we have to be persistent with our work before even getting noticed by someone else. For instance, J. K Rowling initially got rejected by 12 publishers before Bloomsbury agreed to publish the first book of the Harry Potter series. A YouTuber posts multiple videos innumerable times before gaining recognition. So, being impatient will only make your road to personal development harder. Instead, focus on being resilient while being consistent with your hard work. Always remember, nothing comes in life quickly.

You are not confident enough

Lack of confidence is an issue we all suffer from at some point in our lives. For instance, suppose you have always wanted to be a writer. But you don’t publish your work anywhere. You never dared to show it to anyone due to your lack of self-confidence. Then how will you ever become a known writer?

How will you understand that it was affecting your self-improvement as a writer? Self-doubt will only make you pessimistic and stop you from improving in life. So, it is essential to present yourself confidently in front of the world. Yes, you may get criticized, but criticism can make you a stronger, more resilient person.

So, what is holding you back?

Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy. So, pay attention to yourself if you are having a hard time with personal development and growth. Be aware of your self-limiting behaviors and get out of your way to be the best version of yourself. Find out how the AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence program, which is specifically designed to build confidence and positive behavior can help us move ahead in life with optimism.

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