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Behavior Intelligence

Get better results for your clients by understanding the neural-pathways, habits and patterns that show up as behavior.


Demystify neuroscience and its application in coaching.
Learn how a neural-map of behavior can help you as a coach.

Team Dynamics

Assess your clients and their team members to help them understand their natural programmed responses and what behavioral considerations they will need to make or adjust in order to be effective together.

Neural Habits

Help your clients’ achieve results faster by understanding the behavior responses that show up as their neural unconscious bad habits.


Communication is the response you get. Learn to effectively communicate with your clients in a manner that matches their programming and natural to them. Your communication intelligence is yours, not theirs.


Each specific role in an organization has its own set of tasks and responsibilities. A benchmark represents data collected and graphed to identify the ideal match for a particular role.

Improve Results

In every measured and tested case, coaches have seen a significant impact on their coaching style, as well as their personal and business growth. This is as a direct result of being able to work with a broader range of behaviors and the understanding of how neural patterns manifest in observed behavior.


71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Increase Revenue

  • Sustainable growth.
  • Broadening base.
  • Social proof.

Getting clients to breakthrough their limiting behaviors starts with understanding that how a person tackles a task is just as important as knowing what task to tackle and how to tackle it. Behavior Intelligence is the process of depersonalizing the observed behavior in others, and working with the cause for the behavior rather than the behavior itself.

The Numbers

Since our official launch late last year.

Behavior Traits

Assessments Given


Behavior Response Map

AccuMatch Behavior Response Map (BRMap) takes the automatic responses we call behaviors, or more accurately – observed behaviors, and maps these for us. Giving us empirical data that we can use. Taking away any judgment about the data. Every behavior has a context that it is perfectly suited to.


Why Should I Get Certified?

Only trained professionals such as certified coaches or people with HR or recruiting credentials are approved for training in the delivery of the AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence system and the application.

Only certified professionals can order and deliver AccuMatch assessments for their clients.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Certified?

Getting “Certified” provides you with the training and licensing to provide AccuMatch assessments as a professional service. Perfect for HR managers, Recruiters, Coaches, and Consultants – anyone who is likely to perform more than 10 assessment per year can benefit from certification. The licensing and certification provides you access to many resources, best practices, tools, and special pricing.

How Long Does Certification Take?

There are three levels of Certification:
Basic – 1 Day Training
Advanced – 3 Day Training
Master – Top Performers

Reports must be delivered by a certified professional to ensure they are being interpreted correctly. A certified professional is also trained and able to look at team dynamics and interactions between individuals. They have access to build bench-marking and other advanced features of the product.

Free Assessment
& Review

Receive a free assessment and a review with one of our certified coaches.

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“The difficulty with coaching and the reason people don’t do what their coach is helping them to realize that they should do, is usually “frankly” because of what is going between their ears. Most coaches are not equipped to analyze and discover what is holding them back. AccuMatch maps this for you so that you can get that insight quickly, and get them on the path to execution. There is truly nothing like it.”

Lawry Scandar

Master Coach, Trainer and Psychologist, Osiris Group

“This is a must for coaching. I won’t coach anyone unless they’ve done an AccuMatch map. It shortcuts the discovery process and lets you get straight to the HOW to get changes quickly. It is the accelerator. ”

Bruce Wilson

Master Coach & Hall of Fame recepient, ActionCOACH Business Coaching

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