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Your Target Markets.

Because Behavior Intelligence affects all walks-of-life, the AccuMatchBI training
specific courses/programs or leadership coaching training allows you the foundational skills to work with any of your market choices. The following target markets and much more.

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Top Entrepreneurs and Business owners seek Leadership Coaching Programs to help them become better leaders of people, better problem solvers and innovators. Their neural programs will either enable these or limit them. Without a neural map you are left guessing.

Career Individuals

Help your clients’ achieve faster results with Neural-Behavior Coaching that leads you to understand behavior responses exposing their unconscious habits. Every career focused individual has blind spots that get in the way of their success strategies.


Communication is the response you get. Learn to effectively communicate with your clients in a manner that matches the programming that is natural to them. Your communication intelligence is yours, not theirs. Behavior Intelligence is key.


Each role in an organization has its own set of tasks and expectations. By using AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence you are able to benchmark the neural behavior patterns of successful individuals, groups, or departments.A benchmark that identifies the neural-patterns for success in a particular role.

Accumatch Neural Behavior Intelligence Coaching

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence Demystifies the application of neuroscience in coaching. Learn why unpacking the neural-map of behavior can help you as a coach. Get breakthrough quickly for your clients and for yourself.

Start Your Online Learning

Enhance your coaching skills with AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence and Leadership Coaching Programs Online courses


LeadershipBI Training for coaches
Access a toolkit of resources to work with
Leaders to help them breakthrough their
underlying limiting behaviors and
blind spots to create great Leaders.

Team Dynamics BI Training for coaches
Boardroom dynamics, Mergers, Acquisitions,
or any Team dynamics starts with their
underlying unconscious behavior responses.

EntrepreneurBI Training for coaches
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and
Business Partnerships all share some of these
attributes in common. Learn to take them
to the next level exponentially accelerating
them to their full potential.

SalesLOI for Sales Professionals
Every action will either move you toward
the sale or away from the sale. Your language
influences positively or negatively. Learn why
and what to change in order to increase your
success consistently.

LeadershipLOI for Leaders
As a leader your ability to positively influence
your team, colleagues or upper management
starts with your ability to communicate in
a language that is holistically grounded.

PublicRelationsLOI for Marketers and
Public Relations communications

Every written communications starts with
understanding the target audience.
Here we get into understanding the target
audience's neural receptors and applying
language that reaches their subconscious.

AccuMatchBI Coach Training
AccuMatchBI Coach Training
Don't have a coaching certification, or
want to learn about coaching at a neural level.
Then this course is for you.

Accudemics Career Coach Training
Coaching High-School Graduates,
University students, and Professionals in
the work place to align their career to their
strengths and their natural unconscious
motivators starts here.

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Everything you do involves behavior. You need to act out what you are thinking. You speak it and you communicate it in your tonality and body language. Behavior, which includes words, is the only way to communicate. It’s the only way to get a result. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. When you do something you get a result. If you change what you do, you will get a different result.

All actions start out in our head, our brain. Every observation we make about others doesn’t transcend their physical body. Each and every observation and it’s associated judgments is based on behaviors – observed behaviors. These behaviors started in someone’s head, and because AccuMatch allows us to map the behavior that stem from these neural patterns, then we can unpack these and help someone at the neural level quickly. Helping them develop new neural-nets that lead to different actions and new outcomes.


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