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Why AccuMatch?

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Everybody wants to know the latest coaching sciences, tips, hacks, shortcuts, tools and secrets.

With so many assessment tools out there, what make AccuMatch different?

Most assessment tools cause you to believe that people are fixed.
It's as if we become connected with the labels they assign you. The reality is WE ARE NOT FIXED.

As humans we are constantly learning, evolving and adapting - we are constantly changing. These changes whether subtle or significant are what separates us from the animal world. What's more we are not easily inserted into those categories they box you into when you get a personality profile done. PEOPLE ARE MORE COMPLEX THAN THAT.

So how is that useful? Frankly when it comes to coaching - Those other assessments are USELESS.

AccuMatch does not presume any two people are the same, nor does it label anyone with any generic descriptor.

AccuMatch understands that in order to coach individuals you need clear and specific data. Scientifically proven data that is accurate and therefore applicable in coaching.

AccuMatch is the only assessment tool that not only maps the neural programs that we run in our brain, it also gives you how to coach with it. Coaching training related to the neural behavior programs that each person you coach runs at an unconscious level. We do many things instinctively, in less than a micro second. Most of these are responses that others observe as behaviors that have been programmed into us throughout our lives.

Behaviors that have protected or at the very least served us well. In some cases they have kept us alive. It is these behavior that show up in response to triggers from others or from the world around us. And it is these responses that we run automatically and unconsciously that create limiting behavior or blindspots.

AccuMatch exposes these quickly so you can help your clients, your coachees, understand and unpack these. Rather than spending months discovering these through traditional coaching questions, you and they can get to the core programs quickly.

Coaching with Behavior Intelligence is not a collection of tips.
It's a system that turns you into a highly effective person.

​Accelerate Your Insights

​You can rely on your gut or intuition, and sometimes that works. ​AccuMatch rel​ies on neuroscience ​data t​o support your instincts.  Don't leave it to chance.  AccuMatch will accurately map ​your clients behavior patterns and quickly expose ​neural-programs so you can help them quickly unpack these.

The AccuMatchBI Coaching Methodology:

​1. Uncover Neural programs causing neural blind spots.

2. Create self-awareness ​supported by scientific evidence.

3. Let go of those limiting behaviors.

4. Take on new behaviors.

​Leadership Behavior Intelligence

​The knowledge gained from the AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence training course transfers to many areas of coaching. In Leadership and Executive coaching it exposes unconscious triggers and responses ​causing limitations in leadership styles from team motivation, overwhelm, procrastination, and much more. The 49 behavior traits exposed by the neural-map provide a deeper insight than any other assessment tool

​Unique proprietary tools

​Your training in AccuMatch gives you the foundation to build upon. Whether you apply your own coaching methodologies or leverage our range of ready to go programs you are guaranteed to get results quickly. Quicker than traditional coaching methods.

All our programs have been designed from the ground up to leverage the understandings exposed by the AccuMatch map.

What Our ​Coaches Are Saying:

The greatest impact AccuMatch has made to my portfolio of clients, is the clear understanding of client behaviors. In the past, many behaviors would be hard to assess, and hence impossible for coaches to overcome as we would have to guess....

​Maresa Ng - ​Spark Group Asia


​I have found the Accumatch process invaluable as it has given me accelerated insights in clients behaviours in a very simple and practical manner. It does not only give insights into their own behaviors, but also to their team members’ behaviors and how to get the best out of their teams in the current environment. ​

​Francois Lubbe - ​Master Coach

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