Behavior Intelligence

Behavior Intelligence training provides insights into coaching that goes beyond the behaviors we observe. By first cataloging these using AccuMatch, the training then goes deeper into why these behaviors exist and how to coach them. The spoken language and the non-verbal cues provide the insight to the neural programs that each of us run in our heads to make decisions, to respond to situations verbally or physically. AccuMatchBI is the training that allows you as a coach to intelligently observe and understand behavior – read more below..

Behavior Intelligence Certification.

Mapping and understanding the Neural Patterns of your clients and coaching to these.

Module 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

All the background information you need to know about what makes Coaching with Behavior Intelligence the new key that unlock your client’s success. We’ll cover:

  • What you can expect from the BI program and from the certification.
  • We’ll take a look at the website so you know where to find things easily, as well as a quick who’s who.
  • A quick overview of the AccuMatch Behavior response Map.
  • And, next steps.

Approx 1hour.

Module 2 : The Task related behavior traits

In this module we’ll go through some of the important behavior traits that show up without our knowledge. Unconscious automatic responses. The AccuMatch Map shows the behavior responses to these situations, context.

Picking the i’s and dotting the t’s of how each trait shows up when presented with a task, how to coach someone through it, and examples and scenarios.

Approx 1hr. 10min.

Nagui Bihelek


Founder and CEO Nagui’s entrepreneurial career started from an early age. Since then he has founded over a dozen business ventures and has led projects up to $200M. Nagui continues to be a caring and engaging thought leader with a strong passion about human behavior. Through better understanding of behavior the world can be less judgmental and more understanding.

Module 3 : The Neural Pathways at play

Understanding the neural networks that we’ve developed as a result of years of conditioning means looking beyond the map. The map exposes you to information which enables you to focus your skills as a coach with the laser precision of a surgeon. This modules looks at a number of different models that help understand the automatic responses that show up as a result of how the brain has been wired and conditioned.

Approx 50min.

Module 5 : Condition that inspire and excite

A lot of what we are observed doing comes from our thoughts, our values and beliefs. Learning how to expose the underlying foundation behind the unconscious responses helps you as a coach to dig deep to uncover these. To enable significant breakthrough as a result.

In this module we take a look at the remainder of the 49 traits mapped so that you can appreciate the conditions that inspire and excite your client into action.

Approx 55mins.

Module 4 : Traits related to how we process

Our behaviors are nothing more than triggered responses to specific circumstances. We take input from the world around us, process that and respond accordingly. In this module we explore some of these key processes so you can uncover the thinking that produced the responses observed. So you can become an observer rather than a participant. So you can apply the right methods, tools, and weild your coaching skills with a high degree of accuracy.

Approx 1hour.

Module 6 : Putting it all together

To conclude this first part of your journey to become a certified coach in AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence, we’ll cover a number of things that bring it all together for you, and we’ll add important things like:

  • How to interpret combinations and how to coach these.
  • What team maps mean to their level of engagement and interaction, conflict and more.

Approx 55mins.


Who is getting trained and why?

Some of the top performing coaches around the world have found this training extremely useful to take their game to the next level. Often finding that this gives them insights to breakthrough barriers that have existed with certain clients for years despite their coaching efforts.

How does this align with other assessments like DiSC, etc?

Behavior Intelligence allows you to leverage the knowledge you gain from any and all assessments. The AccuMatch Behavior Response Map is the only one that maps the specific behaviors that a coach needs to pay attention to when coaching. It is the one assessment that provides the foundational information for understanding the neural programs that a client runs in their head. Programs that are automatic in response to situations and triggers.

What is the difference between the 3 programs offered?

The Platinum packaged is the most recommended as it represents the most value. It not only includes all that you get from the other two, it also includes 10 AccuMatch MRMaps that you can sell to your clients and recoup the cost of the whole year’s training and certification.

The Bronze is the course online training and basic certification. It is what you need as a minimum level to start accessing the AccuMatch BRMapping system so you can begin to practice the Behavior Intelligence coaching.

The Silver solution is same as Standard plus annual membership to attend the weekly educational classes and  and video recording, books, articles, etc.

What is the certification process?

There are two parts to the certification:

  • The first is the educational component of the program. Learning the behaviors and understanding what they mean and how to coach with these.
  • The second is practice, which is provided in two folds. The first is weekly educational classes that focus practicing as a group and expanding on the BI coaching techniques. The second is your own practice with clients, which is why most people get the bundled package with the 10 assessments.
Is there and annual membership or registration?

Yes and No. Only people that are not keeping up with their weekly classes and regular client engagement would be required to attend a refresher to maintain their certification.

How do we manage and access the Behavior Response Maps for our clients?

The AccuMatch Behavior Response maps are available through a proprietary online software that you will access to videw, graph, manage and download the necessary reports.

The system allows you to:

  1. Look at an individual client’s graph and downloaded as needed into a fully detailed report.
  2. Map yourself with a specific client, which is highly recommended for all your coaching sessions with your clients.
  3. Map multiple team members in an organization. This might be a single owner/manager with their team member(s).

Note: Mapping multiple people is restricted to maximum of 5 members for new certifications. Once a coach has reached Professional level certification this limit is lifted.

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