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Influence Desired Outcomes.

Negotiation Training from Experts

Your ability to read people starts by observing specific behaviors and listening to past the spoken words. Influencing negotiation is to use the same techniques.

Conflict Resolution Training

Whether it’s in the boardroom, team meeting, or just down the hall, people constantly misunderstand one another and the underlying intentions.

Impactful Sales Communication

Most people think that being great at sales is a gift. It’s not. It can be learned. Every prospect is different and requires a different approach.

Marketing and Public Relations

The founders of Gestalt Marketing, a century ago, concluded that there is more to how the brain receives information than just text.

Sales Application

Improve your closing rate, build long lasting relationships and learn to be a steward of motivation for others

AccuMatch has proven to be the most accurate system for understanding what motivates people.Their traits are like their DNA. Their brain’s receptors are like a gate, allowing and rejecting information. People can change their traits, but at the cost of stress and unhappiness. Interpreting these traits through the AccuMatch training will quickly give you the tools to use in influencing and motivating them.

Training programs

Gain access to the world most advance interpersonal training available! Receive official certification certificate.

Learn to look beyond an applicant’s resume, or a client’s words, an employees habits. This is a trained skill. It starts with the observed behaviors of others, and makes you aware of your own.


Are you ready to start learning?

What this means to you.

Hightened awareness of behaviors and what it means to influence them.

1. Mind-Reading

When you listen and observe others, do you leap to a bit of a mind-read? Do you guess the intentions behind what people are saying or doing? Are you really that good at reading minds? Let’s sick to what we know – Observed Behaviors.

2. Learn By Doing

Once you can stop trying to guess intention you can begin to work with observed behaviors. What they mean. What they can tell you. Using neuroscience you can take a more educated approach to expose a person’t programming. To flush out the neural-patterns they use in given situations.

3. Aligning Yourself

The observed behavior exposed. The myth around “Behaviors being a reflection of Intentions” are BUSTED. Practice behavior that bypasses the conscious mind, and go straight to their unconscious subconscious. Communicate directly to how they receive information.

4. Take The Course

From start to finish, the lessons are simple and easy to grasp. The exercises can be practiced without ramifications. You can practice at work or at home. You’ll be enlightened by what you observe and what you can achieve. It is truly and evolutionary experience.

Marketers, Managers, Business owners, Sales personnel, …

Language is comprised of Spoken words and Body language. The spoken language is comprised of both the Content and the Tonality. Body language either supports or contradicts the spoken words.

In an email or text message there is no body language to be observed. Yet most people derive intention from the written text based on their own experience. Their experience with similar content or with the person sending that text, or both. Imposing onto the written text a judgement influenced by factors like mood, and past feelings.

People filter out what they do not like, do not want, or is unexpected. Their brain allows in, via their neural-receptors, what is aligned with their expectations, or beliefs. Often misunderstanding the intentions, and sometimes being totally convinced of the other person’s intentions, despite the Mind-read.

Meet our Instructors

Our master trainers come from professional backgrounds such as Business Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Master Coaches, Neuroscientists.

Nagui Bihelek

Entrepreneur, Researcher and Coach trainer with 40 years professional leadership consulting, and business experience. AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence Founder and CEO.

Lawry Scandar

Also boasting 35+ years of professional experience covering vast areas of human behaviors. As a psychologist having worked with large corporation, small business and individuals on all levels of work and life growth.

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