Tasks are just Behaviors acted out, not personality – Match the role to the person’s behavior.

HR Managers

Leading and directing organizational effectiveness requires not only understanding how people respond to their leaders but also how they respond to the expectations placed upon them regarding the tasks they are required to perform.

For employees to be effective in their role, they need to not only have the skills and capability to perform their tasks. Far more importantly, they need to have conviction and passion for that.

What are conviction and passion, and where do they come from? Most people would say these two stem from their values and beliefs. And how do you figure out and measure values and beliefs? How do you measure passion and conviction?


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You observe them. Yes, you watch someone do something and get to see their level of excitement or dedication. If this level is high, you conclude that here is someone who loves what they are doing.

When people love what they are doing, regardless of their skill level, they will always outperform someone with a greater skill level and experience but less passion and conviction for the task. It’s observation that tells you that and what we observe is BEHAVIOR.

Behaviors are automatic responses to situations, tasks, communication, and challenges. AccuMatch lists and measures these automatic responses.

Out of over 200+ documented behaviors, we have identified some 50-60 that apply to the workplace. You can use these behaviors to assess the likelihood that someone will respond well to a team environment and culture, or to a particular manager’s style of management. You can also assess their likely response to the expectations placed upon them with regards to various tasks, and help them improve their performance, to everyone’s benefit.

Understand behavior before you assume you know the intention behind it

Key Benefits

AccuMatch training and certification

Achieve greater success by gaining the ability to catalog behaviors and match individuals to roles that they innately perform without thinking (unconsciously).

1. Role Matching

Match individuals, whether new candidates or existing team members, to roles that they perform easily, unconsciously. Behavior cataloging gives you hat insight.

3. Management Insight

Give management a microscopic insight into individual’s motivators. Rather than judging, understanding the observed behavior gives managers an insight to avoid personalizing those innate responses.

5. Team Dynamics

Mapping individuals against their peers or managers can show clearly where people differ in their behavioral responses. Rather than disagreement we gain understanding.

7. Certification

Three levels of certification that match your experience with AccuMatch and desire to know more. Become self sufficient in your ability to read behavior and leverage the AccuMatch mapping.

2. Employee Engagement

Individuals are more engaged when their capabilities match the role. They demonstrate a greater level of conviction and passion.

4. Improve Communication

When you understand behavior you improve your ability to communicate in their language. We all have automatic responses to others and situations.

6. Sales

The language of sales is about matching and meeting behavioral expectations. We set expectations based on our own perceptions of what is expected normal response.

8. Uniqueness

Be a leader in your field rather than a follower, and differentiate yourself. Bring about significant improvement in communication, motivation and overall culture.

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