Who Is This For?

Are you looking to build a business around AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence, 
or add a distribution arm to your existing business?

Is this You?

  • You are ready to become a representative.
  • Maybe you already have a distribution business servicing coaches.
  • Looking for a way to add some passive income to your current business model.
  • Love helping coaches become more successful.
  • You have been a coach yourself, and know what it takes to get and keep clients.
  • Already support community of coaches and see the benefit of adding AccuMatch to your services.

Not You?

  • This is your first business venture.
  • Do not know much about coaching.
  • Do not have any coaching experience or training.
  • Looking to add AccuMatch to your existing business but not really interested in distribution to other coaches.
  • You are a HR manager in a corporation looking for a way to leverage AccuMatch.
  • You are a recruiter looking to use AccuMatch with your clients.

The Opportunity:

Once you are trained and certified in AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence coaching, we help you build out your process to sign up coaches to do the same. You get access to marketing support in the form of collateral and webinars as needed.

You receive lifetime revenue stream from coaches you sign up.

  • From training revenues generated
  • On going subscriptions 
  • Assessments purchased
  • Additional offers 
  • Advanced training programs
  • More...

You get to build a passive income from sales you generate.

What is expected of you:

While it is important that we work together to ensure you are properly supported, and that the quality of service is maintained. Your role is to generate leads, and convert these into AccuMatch certified coaches.

Once they are certified you will be engaged in their ongoing support.

We support you in the process to get coaches certified, and the on going support they receive.

  • Weekly webinars for onboard new coaches.
  • Weekly or bi-monthly webinars for advancing coaches.
  • Promotions to upgrade coach skills.
  • More...

You become the goto resource for your coaches with our help and support.

What Our Affiliate Partners Have To Say.

Maresa Ng

Maresa is a business entrepreneur and coach with over 10 years experience as both a coach and a firm owner. maresa has been instrumental in opening up the Asia region.

Dr Vishnu Doerga PhD.

Vishnu is best described as a serial entrepreneur and political advisor to leaders in the Guyana community. He runs a successful coaching firm representing ActionCOACH Business coaching.

Adi Farber

Adi is a business and personal coach, and successful lecturer in Israel. His key to DIB training method "Different is the NEW better". He came to the coaching world after being a film actor and business development manager at high-tech companies.

Willy Toro

CEO & Mentor Coach - Maximize Neuroscience & Coaching.  PCC professional Certified Coach and Member of the ICF International Coach Federation. Member of the EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


Is there a licensing process?

Yes, it starts by doing the AccuMatch Foundation Training and becoming certified. Once you have completed this, you are essentially well versed in the AccuMatch systems.

Is there a Licensing fee?

Depending on the role you wish to undertake and size of region you will represent a licensing fee is required. You can find out more by booking and appointment with Nagui Bihelek via this link below, or by completing the expression of interest form below.

What sort of support do you provide?

AccuMatchBI head office team led by nagui Bihelek personally, will meet with you regularly to help you build out your business and marketing plan and support you through collateral and joint presentation until you are comfortable to proceed on your own.

We believe in your success is our success.

Are there specific targets required?

We allow you adequate ramp up time to get familiar with the product and how to market AccuMatchBI to coaches. 

Once the agreed ramp-up time has lapsed, you and your head-office representative will agree a quarterly and annual target.