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The only assessment to map Unconscious habits.

Habits are built into your subconscious like small programs which you access and run instantly without even realising. Your habits are the behaviors which others observe and respond to. They become your labels. Some of these are useful, your strengths, while others are not, your limitations.

AccuMatch maps these so you can:

  • Know yourself.
  • Identify limiting beliefs.
  • Build new programs that empower.
  • Be aware of how you interract.
  • Improve engagement with others.
  • Reduce conflict, stress and anxiety.
  • Take your career to the next level.
  • Grow your business.

It's not an Automated Report. It's Your Self-discovery.


Reports are generated by preprogrammed fixed set of results. No two people on the planet are the same. Reports tend to be genralised to cover everyone and compensate for that.


The traditional personality profiles, like DiSC, MBTI, Hogan, Killman and others, use labels to to identify personality types. This too is another generalisation, because there is no such thing as a type, as you will see from the AccuMatch map.


We are constantly learning new things, and as such are constantly changing. Even the current situation you are in right now, as you read this, is a unique one, and no report can take all these variation into consideration. Hence a great deal is missing from those reports.


AccuMatch is delivered in person by a professional coach, trained and certified to coach the individuals through the interpretation and self-discovery process. This ensure the contextual situation of the current circumstances, past and future objectives are all taken into consideration.

How long is the survey?

An AccuMatch survey has 52 steps, which takes about 20 mins to complete. It is asking several questions in a number of different ways in order to be able to establish an accurate score. 

All you need to do is go through them without overthinking the answers or trying to guess or remember what you said before.

What happens after I complete the survey?

Once you are done, you'll receive an email with instruction on where to go in order to book a time with our founder Nagui Bihelek. He will personally meet with you on a zoom call, and walk you through the assessment results and explain these to you.

Think of it as a coaching session to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, in order to build a plan to a SUPER YOU.

What do I get when this is done?

Once you have met with Nagui and completed your self-discovery coaching session, he will add notes and comments based on what was revealed by the map, and generate a personalised report which would then be send to you.

This will include top goals and outcomes that would result from the changes identified through the process.

What's holding you back? Find out here.

Map your behavior patterns.

Limited time


ONLY $197

What our Clients Say...

Dr Vishnu Doerga

Entrepreneur - Sth America

AccuMatch has allowed me to know my own triggers and as a result I am far less stressed because i understand myself and I understand my team's behavior patterns.

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Lawry Scandar

Master Coach - Australia

As a psychologist and consultant I had always relied on my skills and training to identify client behaviors. AccuMatch allows me to laser focus quickly and benefit from its scientific foundation.

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Francois Lubbe

Master Coach - South Africa

As an entrepreneur and business coach behavior is the starting point to the transformation journey. Accumatch allows me to start with solid insights to accelerate the process.

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