​Years of studies, research and development allows us to bring cognitive and behaviorist psychology, neural sciences and large data together. The Humanistic sciences meet Technology.


To Empower Coaches by allowing them to go to a whole new level with their clients that wasn’t possible before other than through intuition and gut instinct, which are not scientifically duplicatable.

By giving coaches the tools and training backed by empirical evidence, we are able to show that consistent outcomes are achievable with a broader range of clients.

Behavior intelligence is not only about what we observe in others, it is also what differentiates action from non-action, getting the desired results from the undesired ones.

People the world over are seeking the magic ingredient that enables them to more consistently get the results and outcomes they desire.

Their neural programming is the foundation that provides them with the methods and tools at their disposal to achieve or not. To gain their desired outcomes or undesired ones.

By looking at these programmed neural patterns they gain an insight into why they do the things they do, and how to go about changing these to get a different result.


​As with many of the coaching methods we use today, AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence was founded on the shoulders of psychology.

Cognitive, Behavioral, and Humanistic psychologies. Most if not all, leverage from decades of the works of expert psychologists.​

AccuMatchBI represents decades of our own work, experience and research sitting on the shoulders of those greats before us.


​Every experience we have is founded on a behavior. Whether it is our own behavior which leads to influences on our world or others, or the observed behavior of others that leads to judgments about them.

Behavior is the common element that exists in everything we encounter or do. Whether we take action upon something, or respond to actions we observe or feel. These are still behaviors. And even non-action is still a behavior.

To get any kind of change requires changing the behavior. Even the slightest improvement requires adjustments in behavior.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us.

Why do I use it?

It has fast tracked my neural intelligence without having to get a degree in psychology or neuroscience. It allows me to coach at the behavioral level quickly and effectively. AccuMatch is an accurate way to map the neural patterns that show up as behavior. Just like the brochure claims.

How has it helped me?

I lead managers in a large organization, and AccuMatch LeadershipBI program allowed me to understand myself in a way that was not possible till now. It showed up my behavioral blind-spots and those of my team. I can now observe behaviors without being automatically triggered by them. I am able to truly influence the outcomes for myself and for others on my team.

My career has catapulted.

When I learned about my behaviors and how these were limiting my personal and professional development it was a huge eye-opener. Then when my Accudemics career coach worked with me to discover my passion, I was able to focus my professional development to align with my passion, and that’s when it all started to happen for me.