Accumatch Training and Certification

Accumatch Training and Certification

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Assessments, Training, and Certification.
AccuMatch assessment.

Order your Accumatch Assessment here. Once you have completed your assessment online, you will be contacted by one of our AccuMatch certified professionals, who will schedule a time to review your behavior map with you. The reports must be delivered by a certified professional to ensure they are being interpreted correctly. A certified professional is also trained and able to look at team dynamics and interactions between individuals. They have access to build benchmarking and other advanced features of the product.

Training and Certification

1-Day training

Level 1


Special OFFER

In order to get the maximum value from AccuMatch system we believe that this needs to be placed in the capable hands of trained individuals. During this training you will learn how to interpret the cataloged and mapped list of behavior traits to make improvements for yourself or others. Understanding each of the behaviors and and the shifts that can be made through different techniques. You will;

Learn the benefits
of an AccuMatch
NLP Profile.


  • Learn to observe behavior, not personality.
  • Learn the difference between judging a person and working with a behavior.
  • Crash course on how to read the AccuMatch Map.
  • What they mean when they exist or are missing.
  • What they mean when they show up in certain combinations.
  • Includes $500 AccuMatch assessment profile.
  • And receive special pricing click here to enquire.

Only trained professionals such as certified coaches or people with HR or recruiting credentials are approved for training in the delivery of the AccuMatch profiling system and the application.

Only certified professionals can order and deliver AccuMatch profiles for their clients.

Context changes the results significantly. Someone’s automatic innate responses to a work situation is likely to differ from a family one or a sports one. That’s why context in answering the questions presented and how the answers are interpreted by the trained professional can make a huge difference in the application of the results.
The initial 1-day training has broad spectrum of applications. It is designed for coaches, recruiters, HR managers and managers, execs or business owners to be able read the results presented in the reports and apply these to their role either for themselves or to the candidate.
In order to complete the initial certification, individuals will need to complete the 1-day training and the successful complete the assessments provided to ensure a highest quality of implementation and results in their role. Tests are conducted throughout the day to ensure everyone meet the minimum requirements for certification.
A 3-day professional certification takes a much deeper look at application of AccuMatch in coaching, and change management. Team dynamics, and interaction between individuals is easily observed in the reflect behaviors. This certification program will give you the ability to map these using the tools provided and develop a plan to engage in change and build a suitable program to bring about change using the available tools. This has a pre-requisite of Basic training plus minimum 50 completed profiles
After adequate experience as a professional change agent in AccuMatch you can apply to become a trainer and master practitioner in AccuMatch. Only a select few are chosen each year and in specific regions. Please contact Nagui directly to see if you qualify.
Getting “Certified” provides you with the training and licensing to provide AccuMatch assessments as a professional service. Perfect for HR managers, Recruiters, Coaches, and Consultants – anyone who is likely to perform more than 10 assessment per year can benefit from certification. The licensing and certification provides you access to many resources, best practices, tools, and special pricing.
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