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AccuMatch maps behavior that we observe in others. It’s the spoken language, and the non-verbal cues that are the insight to the programs that each of us run in our heads to make decisions, to respond to situations verbally or physically. AccuMatchBI is the training that allows you as a coach to intelligently observer and understand behavior – read more below.

You’ll not only receive training using the 6 modules and 38 lessons listed below, includes 10 FREE assessments worth $970 and 12 months Educational webinar series subscription included with your certification, and more.

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AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence course

By taking this AccuMatchBI course, you’ll not only learn how to read and interpret the AccuMatch Behavior Response Map (BRMap), you’ll also get the added training to reach a new level of understanding and observing behavior we call “Behavior Intelligence” (BI).

BI is the ability to observe behavior without judgment. The art of observing without judging is a coaching skill that is fundamental to removing prejudice from a coaching session with a client. Eliminating the need to impose one’s own rules onto others. Being able to access information about how someone responds to specific triggers they encounter in their  day, by mapping their neural-networks. This neural-pathways are what their brain has created that is observed as an automatic unconscious response. This course will teach how to become that by leveraging the insights gained from the BRMap.



AccuMatch Foundation

Let’s start with some introductions, logistics, and then get into what AccuMatchBI is all about.  Getting the right start and all the fundamentals is key to a successful experience.
  • Each module has multiple lessons.

I've kept the lesson video to 5-10 mins each so that you can get through them easily, and also so if you want to come back to look for something specific it will be easy for you to do so without having to watch copious amounts of videos.

Enjoy it. Have fun with it. And remember, Practice, Practice, Practice.

Without practical application and practice you can't get the full benefit of the program and the learning.


AccuMatch Task Traits

In this module we'll go through some of the important behavior traits that show up without our knowledge. Unconscious automatic responses. The AccuMatch Map shows the behavior responses to these situations, context. leadership theories


AccuMatch Processes Traits

Our behaviors are nothing more than triggered responses to specific circumstances. We take input from the world around us, process that and respond accordingly. In this module we explore some of these key processes.


What is included in your training certification?

This is your path to be a Certified AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence coach.

Learn to to read the AccuMatch BRMap that is the insight into how individuals process information. The Map exposes the automatic neural responses that we each develop throughout our lives. The training teaches how to interpret these and how to become more intelligent about what is going on with your client in a coaching session – Behavior Intelligence (BI).

You’ll become proficient in using language that leads your clients into action, because it is language specifically selected to match their thought process, their filtering systems, and their programmed responses.

Take your client on a journey to lasting change. We are all evolving consistently, not just physically. We are constantly learning and evolving because of that. AccuMatch allows you to engage behavior with your audience at a level which they understand and respond to automatically, allowing everyone to reach their goals.

What is included with your certification:

  • 10 Assessments for you and your client.
  • 12 Month subscription to weekly webinar educational series.
  • A one-on-one review with one of master trainers of at least your first two client BRMap’s to ensure you get the  best support and understanding that you and your client can have.
  • Access to our backend systems to FAQs, Video recording examples and scenarios.
  • Access any of our experts trainers as needed to review individual client maps, or client team maps.
  • You’ll be added to our Find A Coach section with global location map, and links to you so clients can find you.
  • Your testimonials and success stories will be posted with back links to your website.
  • Unlimited access to the reports and graphs using our proprietary backend system.
    • Ability to produce many combination graphs and reports of your clients, yourself, and their teams.
  • A Certificate that you can Print, Download, and use on your website, office, etc.

NOTE: By taking advantage of the payment plan offered, you could turn a profit off the 10 assessments before you’ve fully paid for the course.

While there are no prerequisites for this training, it is targeted towards coaches working with individuals, business owners, executives, and leaders.

While this is applicable outside these realms, in areas such as family counseling, career guidance, and so on, the focus and intention of the course is to give you an in-depth knowledge of the behaviors you would observe and encounter in day to day life and in coaching.

There are other surveys available for other applications, such as the ones listed here, and more are being developed. The training is the same but the survey questions are different.

To complete your certification you’ll need to identify at least a couple of people to complete their assessment in order for us to review these together and to ensure adequate completion of your initial training.

Some frequently asked questions:

    How long is the training?

      The training modules account for about 6 hours of video plus some extra exercises and quizzes. This is intended to be completed in a 4 week period.

    What happens after training and certification is completed?

      Once training and certification is complete, you’ll be invited to join our weekly webinar to continue to develop your knowledge and experience with the product, get additional expert support and coaching in the use of the AccuMatch in your coaching practice.
      This is very useful and highly insightful. It is perhaps one of the most valuable components that is included in your annual licensing.

    Why do I need to do a couple of assessments in order to complete my certification?

      We want to be sure that you have a good understanding of the knowledge provided, and ensure that everyone has the help and support they need to be successful in their coaching practice.