~20 minutes Part 2 of 2 We look at two maps of the technicians on the team.  Some points are quite different from each other.  How can they work together successfully while achieving the goal of up serving and creating more cashflow for the owner?

Audio only:

Curtis has been hired to do sales trying for the spa team.

He is building a scoreboard to track a number of KPI’s to find the top sellers and build a tool for all to use and follow.

Traits/behaviors of 2nd technician, acupuncturist:

She is better at up serving.

Higher in Self, External, Initiate, Wait, Procedure, Detail, Towards, Sameness, Consensus, See, Hear, Number of times, Consistent, Affiliation, Achievement, Choice, Present, Realist, Environment

Lower in Other, Reflective, Away, Contrary, Read, Control, Feeling, Future, Vision, Quality control, Process

The main differences between the two technicians is:  Internal/External, Initiate/Wait/Reflective, Feeling/Choice/Logic