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AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence
Corporate Studies

This unique and limited opportunity to participate in our corporate study is limited to just 1 organization for each of the 3 studies being conducted, and may involve university research. The data collected helps futher develop programs based on the value and benefit of first identifying and understanding the behavior traits of others and ourselves, followed by team and individual education and exercices to effect growth and change.

3 Separate Studies

7 Step Behavior Intelligence program for your company FREE.

Yes, we are conducting 3  extended programs worth $20,000+ each, completely FREE.
Why? We’re expanding our analytics to encompass Culture and Performance.
We’re taking our successful Behavior Intelligence program currently only offered to coaches and bringing it into large organizations.

If you would like your company to be considered for this and can see the value and benefit this would have on your organization or team, then we need to talk. Please use application link below to submit your application of interest.

We are looking for 3 organizations. That’s all we have room for at this stage.
These will be 3 separate programs, only one organization per program.

2. Top Performers

This second program looks at Top performers in an organization regardless of role specificity. In other words what makes top performer in any role within your organization, and within your environment. What are their neural behavior patterns, and their automatic responses to given situations.

  • This requires at least 20 top performers. So an organization of 100+ employees.
  • This program will implement some measurable training exercises to bring up the average of the whole organization.
  • We’ll be looking at bottom performers and average ones.
  • We’ll be looking at management style and how this influences them.

The outcome:

To raise the average performance of the organization as a whole, and much more.

1. Corporate Culture

This program starts by mapping the company’s or division’s behavior traits as a whole. In order to identify behavior patterns that are consistent within the organization or division – in other words “The Culture” as specified from the perspective of “behavior responses” in relation to work. A minimum number of participants is required for this program of 100.

The data collected leads into:

  • A detailed behavior analysis and understanding of how individuals respond to other team members, clients (internal or external) and management.
  • Identifying and running a number of customized programs to shift areas that need attention.

The outcome:

Realign the cultural behavior patterns and communication to significantly elevate performance and engagement.

3. Role Specific

The third program works with specific roles and looks at patterns that are consistent within specific roles, like engineering, customer service, accounting, etc. This not only creates a benchmark for job matching and improved accuracy in this area, it also looks at development programs to help those with above average traits in specific areas relevant to their role but lower score in other areas that limit their performance.

  • In this program we do a lot more One-on-One and Small-groups.

The outcome:

To raise awareness within specific roles and management about the important behavior traits that if changed would significantly alter performance, potentially negatively.

No obligation

A quick call can answer most of your questtions. Just let us know you’re interested by completing the application form.

Program length

Each program is customized to the orgnization and the agreed objectives. Programs will between 3 – 6 months.

Complete your confidential no obligation application: