Observed behaviors are neural responses to triggers and situations –
These are the clues to the underlying subconscious.

AccuMatch Maps Behaviors

  • By mapping these, we can quickly get to their WHY.
  • By mapping these, we remove judgment.
  • By mapping these, we remove our own rules.
  • By mapping these, we gain a deeper clarity.

Understand behavior before you assume you know the intention behind it

Key Benefits

AccuMatch training and certification

Achieve greater success by gaining the ability to catalog behaviors and communicate effectively

1. Results

Ability to affect results with high level of consistency for yourself and your clients.

3. Increase revenue

More referrals, higher fee for service, and ability to expand because you can get predictable results.

5. Self awareness

As you learn about others through behavior your own self awareness leads you to greater success.

7. Certification

Three levels of certification that match your experience with AccuMatch and desire to know more.

2. Client retention

When you consistently get great results for your clients, they stay longer and keep coming back.

4. Credible communicator

When you understand behavior you improve your ability to communicate in their language.

6. Sales

The language of sales is about matching and meeting behavioral expectations of you.

8. Uniqueness

Be a leader in your field rather than a follower, and differentiate yourself.

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