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The AccuMatch proprietary algorithm and unique coaching methodology
bring together NLP, Neuroscience and Psychology to get

you consistent sustainable results to your coaching.

A 3-Step Method
  1. 1
    WHY we do what we do is the result of our unconscious neural-programming.
  2. 2
    WHAT we've done that's worked, and what we're not doing that's needed.
  3. 3
    HOW to improve requires exposing these neural-programs and adopting new ones.

This is the only neural map designed specifically for coaches. It exposes 49 traits relevant to your coaching so that you can quickly get insights into your clients' neural-programs that show up as behaviors.

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Proprietary proven coaching programs based on our Behavior Intelligence methodology.  Break through limiting behaviors and blindspots quickly. Get results quickly and consistently with business owners, leaders, exec, and teams
Behavior Intelligence

Change happens when results align with objectives, and this can only happen when new behaviors are acted out. Learning new behaviors brings new outcomes. Knowing which behaviors need changing is a crucial first step. AccuMatch provides you with clear and specific data to do just that.

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Hear what a variety of coaches from around the world have to say.

​Maresa Ng - ​Spark Group Asia

​Master Coach

The greatest impact AccuMatch has made to my portfolio of clients, is the clear understanding of client behaviors. In the past, many behaviors would be hard to assess, and hence impossible for coaches to overcome as we would have to guess....

Nathalie Gevinti - Unlimited Mindset Solutions


I found the Accumatch tool very unique, I used to work with DISC but this is something very different. It gave me shortcuts to understand and approach directly the underlying root cause of my clients issues. This has definitely assisted me in helping my clients faster and better. It gives you access to the blueprint of your clients’ meta programs, this is the new age, it would be archaic not to use it

Francois Lubbe 

Master Coach

​I have found the Accumatch process invaluable as it has given me accelerated insights in clients behaviours in a very simple and practical manner. It does not only give insights into their own behaviors, but also to their team members’ behaviors and how to get the best out of their teams in the current environment. ​

Lene Øveland Berge - Be You Coaching & Consulting


Accumatch is a practical mapping tool for coaching clients and teams. It lets me hone in on specific neural behavior traits that hinder my clients success, and replace those patterns with enabling behavior. I use it as a baseline and measurement application for all client engagement. It is a gamechanger and my #1 coaching intelligence tool, no doubt.

​“It’s been a huge tool for me to shift my languaging in particular areas and it’s just made life so much easier.”

Bruce Wilson

Master Coach, ActionCOACH New Zealand

The whole process that is the absolute value of something like AccuMatch, is because it gives the coach the opportunity to go "Yeah, this is really good, but what is this a manifestation of?”  When a client gets to that point, then you can zoom right in to understand the value base that you are actually craving to have satisfied.  Now there is behavioural options and choices.

​Lawry Scandar

​Master Coach, Osiris Group

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​Each person is unique

​We all have all the traits

​Some show up more than others

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