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Professional Coaching APP

Built by coaches for coaches.
Keep track of your coaching session notes, client activities, homework and more….

About the Coaching App


Long overdue.

The ability to work with multiple clients and keep them moving forward towards their goals often rests purely on your shoulders as their coach. Yet to do so requires regular communication in order to sustain an appropriate level of accountability, all of which takes time and reduces a coach’s ability to maximize their available time. This is where AccuMatchBI Coaching App comes in.

Ease of use

All your clients in one place. With a timeline view you can easily find past notes, homework and goals.

Goal Oriented

Aligns all assigned client activity or homework to their agreed goals and outcomes.

Client Participation

Get your clients involved and keep them on track with automated reminders.

Mobile App

Clients can update their activity any time anywhere via their personalized Mobile App.

Clean and Intuitive Interface

Get setup in no time… just like 1, 2 & 3.

Start the right way

Complete Flexibility

Totally integrated with AccuMatchBI or as a Standalone, the choice is yours. Yes, if you are a certified AccuMatchBI coach and accessing any of our programs you now have a fully integrated coaching system with access to AccuMatch Behavior Response map right from with your coaching system.

All the tools you need to run any of our programs are right there at your finger tips. Need to access a document, a PowerPoint, spreadsheet, or whatever your program requires; everything is incorporated within the app for your convenience. No more searching for documents, slides, or popular coaching models.

DON’T WORRY. You do not need to use any of these if you don’t want. The choice is all yours.

Coaching Challenges

What Our Application Can Do For You

Overcome many of traditional coaching challenges…

Keeping Track

Do you have trouble keeping track of all that’s transpired during past coaching sessions? Have tried different ways to do that without much success? Paper, Word doc, Evernote, OneNote, etc…

Moving on

Your coachee client hasn’t done what they set out to do from last session, and rather than repeating same session you want to move on. Yes! You’ve had this happen over and over again, and often with the same client. Done. Fixed. This is for you.

Tracking progress

We’ve added two things here which you’ll love: Tracking and Gamification. Yes, you no longer need to remind them of their accomplishments because they are all tracked and, just for fun, they get stars and progress bars they check for themselves. They can see if they’ve slackening off or getting things done.

Lost track of goals

Dealing with coachee dramas can cause sessions to move off track, and get diverted from the intention and desired outcomes. Maintaining constant visibility of the agreed goals and outcomes as well as having the ability to tweak these as needed  is just one of the many features.

A client Mobile App – Really!

Finally, your coachee has an App that they can access from anywhere at anytime because it’s right there on their phone. With optional reminder and daily, weekly or monthly actionable tasks to help them develop new neural patterns, and habits to achieve their goals sooner.

Homework tracking

You’re not there everyday to keep your coachee accountable to completing their agreed activity, but sometimes you feel like you wish you were there so they could get it done. Now you don’t have to worry, all this has been automated for you, and communicated back to you.


Get the Coaching App
Step-up your game.

What you’ll get

FREE Login and Unlimited Coaching Clients

Unlimited Clients

Load as many clients as you want at no extra charge.

Unlimited Sessions

As many coaching sessions and associated homework as you want. No extra charge.

Secure System

Your data and your clients data is private and secure. SSL Encrypted and Protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my data kept?

Your client information and all your records are safely stored in a secure world class service and encrypted by top security and virus protection.

Cloud availability and backup

Our distributed network ensures you access wherever you need it, just with an internet connection. You don’t need to back it up, because we backup your data daily.

Who else can access my information?

No one but you has access to your data, even our own support personnel do not have access. We change system access frequently to ensure continued protection.

What if I don't want to keep sensitive information in my coaching app?

That’s wise, and you have the option to include as much or as little information as you feel appropriate for your situation and your client’s.

Do you use client names for marketing?

Absolutely NOT. Under your terms and conditions of use and our policies you can see our GDPR compliance as well as our obligations to protect you and your client’s data.

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