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Francois Lubbe

  • Created: March 14, 2019
  • Updated: March 18, 2019
Address: Ridgeview Office Park, 248 Kent Ave, Randburg, Johannesburg, 2123, South Africa
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Introducing Francois LubbeYour Entrepreneurial Mastery CoachDear Entrepreneur,There comes a time in your life when you realise something must change. There must be more to business and life than what you are currently experiencing…If you are ambitious and ready for a new chapter on your Entrepreneurial journey, then it is time to call onYour Entrepreneurial  Mastery Coach today.My forte and promise is to help you see the business possibilities you cannot see on your own. Something will happen in my presence that leads to breakthroughs in results in business and life – be it growth, life balance, a new direction or simply less stress with more money.Regards,FrancoisWhat drives Francois…The Life of the Entrepreneur drives me.Each and every business owner on this planet is really an Entrepreneur and has huge potential which is not fulfilled.If every entrepreneur in this country becomes more successful in their own right, they have a direct and immediate positive impact in their personal lives, families and the bigger communities.. This positive impact makes the lives of all South Africans wealthier, healthier and happier. My work is simply unlocking YOUR Entrepreurial Possibility so you become aware of what is truly possible for you in your business and then we work to bring that into reality so you have the life you dream of. Background…In November 2008 Francois Lubbe decided to directly make a difference in the lives of South African business owners, their teams and their families, so he capitalised on his vast depth of business experience by becoming a Licenced ActionCOACH Business Coach in Gauteng, South Africa. His reason is simple: “It is distressing that there are thousands of business owners, with immense opportunities around them, who do not reach their ambition in business and life.”When business people feel unfulfilled in terms of their business and life, they tend to think that there is something wrong with them, or their product, or their team, or their market, or their environment…Business is simply a game that you choose to play. Every game has rules and to play the game at the highest level requires you to participate with passion, focus and fun. You may be weak in certain areas and perhaps have blind spots that are depriving you from experiencing an extraordinary business and life.This is where Francois comes in to help you discover your full resourcefulness to raise focus in critical areas of your business and life and to take action in a new and inspiring way that will allow you to see new possibilities and shift your results in business and life. Simply put “have more with less effort”.Experience and Success…I have 24 years of valuable experience in sales, marketing, leadership, teambuilding, product and business development under my belt. In addition, I have been a successful Business Coach for over 9 years and is currently ranked as one of the top 5 Business Coaches in South Africa by ActionCOACH and top 50 globally.I have had an outstanding career and would like to highlight the following successes:Established a Small Business Division from start-up to 5 Regional Offices serving over 100 branches in just 2 yearsAwarded “Top Regional Sales Manager” nationally on 3 occasions.Designed and implemented a National Sales Development Programme, which increased productivity of 2100 sales consultants by 75% in one yearVoted the national winner of the Prestige Award for Leadership after his very first year as General Manager in the retail bank division of ABSA South AfricaTransformed sales management information of various business units into an integral sales reporting system leading to a vast improvement of business intelligence that allowed Executive Management and Middle Management to make faster and more effective strategic and business decisionsEstablished a Commercial Management function, ABSA Sales Enablement, which focused on the application, implementation and embedding of the national business strategies and tactical plans on branch levelActionCOACH Awards include National Brand Builder, Sales Coach of the Year, Diamond Coach, Global ActionMAN, MasterCOACH and Global Trainer.Niche… I Unlock The Entrepreneurial Possibility.Education… I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Comm.) degree and a B. Comm. Honours degree which I obtained from the University of the Free State. I also achieved a Masters of Business Leadership (MBL) at UNISA and completed an Executive Sales Development Programme at INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France.Leadership… I believe the purpose of a leader is to provide direction towards a compelling vision. The art of a great leader is to consistently reinvent yourself to lead and empower your team to act powerful and purposeful.Growth… A business is designed to grow. It is like a tree, if it doesn’t grow it will die. The business is a reflection of the owner and can therefore never grow bigger than the identity of the owner. I concur with Jim Rohn: “Never wish your life was easier, wish you were better”.Purpose…I encapsulate my purpose on three pillars:The first pillar is based on my ArtworkBeing a Business Coach is my artwork where I express my talent and gifts to the world. This is my opportunity to be creative and be a Master in my Art. As an Artist it is my quest to unleash the Magic in Entrepreneurs.The second pillar is based on my Pursuit of MasteryIt is a never-ending process to be the best I can be. It is a journey of self-discovery and look at the world through new lenses to get breakthroughs in results.The third pillar is based on Creating Possibilities for the business society to flourishLife is full of possibilities and I can't stand seeing people sell themselves short. I enable possibilities in my life and life of others. I show businesses how to unlock Possibilities with elegant solutions that shift results business and personal wise.Vision… A World of Business Where Entrepreneurial Possibilities Are Unlocked."I get up every morning to…"Fulfil my promise to Unlock the Entrepreneurial Possibility.“My clients are…” Passionate about business and life. They have strong character and drive and are open and committed to continuous learning, growth and development to reach their ambition.

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