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Training & Certification

Are you ready to observe and work with Neural Patterns?
AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence is the only program to train coaches to work at this level.
Which is why, this knowledge helps you:
– Grow your coaching business.
– Accelerate your success with a broader range of clients.
– Improve your Sales skills and Client success.

Why Should I Get Certified?

By taking this AccuMatchBI course, you’ll learn to read and interpret the Neural Patterns of your clients through the AccuMatch Behavior Response Map (BRMap), then you’ll work on observing and coaching these behaviors. That’s why we call this “Behavior Intelligence” (BI).


Learn the BRMap so that you can observe and recognize when these behaviors show up for your clients.

BI Coaching

Learn to uncover why those behaviors exist, and how to help your clients leverage these insights.


Grow your business through success with your clients, and the referrals that will bring you.

AccuMatchBI Certification

AccuMatch maps behavior that we observe in others. It’s the spoken language, and the non-verbal cues that are the insight to the neural programs that each of us run in our heads to make decisions, to respond to situations verbally or physically. Behavior Intelligence allows you to coach a neural level of these behaviors.

The Course

As with any sport or new skill, it’s important to learn the foundational skills first, then layer on top of this practical examples in order to develop your own style. Your style will shine as a result of understanding the behaviors that manifest themselves in everyday actions and interactions. Behaviors are how we interact with the world around us, and as such, positively changing any one of these which needs to be done at the neural level, will produce different results.



We’ve broken up the training into a series of Online lessons that you can access from anywhere. The lesson units and modules are short and to the point, so you can take them in small bite size pieces and apply what you learn as you go. Regular practice between modules will significantly improve your results with your clients.


1 & 2 Days Training

An optional addition to the Online self-paced training is the 1-Day live up skilling, or the all inclusive 2 day, which are scheduled throughout the year. If this is something you are interested in accessing, then be sure to reach out to us through the contact us form, and we’ll let you know when these are available.


10 Assessments

Included with the Online training and certification are 10 free client Behavior Response Map assessments. These provide you with ability to quickly monetize your investment while you get real life practice and support from our professional master trainers.


Weekly webinar

We know it takes time and practice. Just like any sport. Real life examples, scenarios and coaching sessions are provided live every week via global webinars, so that you can become proficient at coaching with Behavior Intelligence and the AccuMatch BRMap.


one-on-one review

To complete your certification and to ensure that you have embraced the essence of the system and are able to apply it intelligently, we do a 101 review with you around at least 2 of your client assessments. Discussing what the map tells you and how to coach with that.


backend systems

Unlimited access to your client reports. As we make new functionalities available, you get immediate access to these features through the mapping software. To map individuals, team members, or to move people around when they change roles or even companies.


experts trainers

An international team of expert trainers with decades of real life coaching experience have been selected to provide localized support in different regions around the world. Soon also in different languages.



As we role out AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence to the many corners of the world we continue to look for local partners and local translation. We understand the importance of having our system available in different languages and actively seek localization.

Benefits Of Accumatch

Want to learn more about how you and your business can benefit for Accumatch?

Watch this short video to learn more.

Free Assessment & Review

Receive a free assessment and a review with one of our certified coaches.

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Start Learning

We’ve packed so much value into the program, so you can be guaranteed success. We want everyone involved in the program to be empowered to affect desired change in their client’s behaviors, so that every client can achieve their goals. AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence coaching accelerates change because it laser focuses on the neural patterns that manifest themselves as observed behaviors. You will essentially be coaching the clients at their neural pathways level, which is the foundation to the behaviors they exhibit.


Everyone starts with their own AccuMatch assessment. To get started with yours click the link below.

Neural patterns

Complete the course and you’ll be become proficient at looking past the behaviors observed, and into the underlying neural patterns.

Practice, Practice, …

The weekly webinars. The expert panelists. The trainers. We’re all here to help you become proficient through regular exposure and practice.

What We Do Best

You are guaranteed to reach a heightened awareness.
You will become a changed person and a much better coach.

“…this is something very different. It gave me shortcuts to understand and approach directly the underlying root cause of my clients issues… It gives you access to the blueprint of your clients’ meta programs, this is the new age, it would be archaic not to use it”

Nathalie Gevinti

Coach, Unlimited Mindset Solutions

“Accumatch is a practical mapping tool for coaching clients and teams. It lets me hone in on specific neural behavior traits that hinder my clients success, and replace those patterns with enabling behavior.”

Lene Øveland Berge

Organizational Development Consultant & Coach, Be You Coaching & Consulting

Ready To Get Started?

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