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Behavioral Intelligence

May 31 & June 4th, 2018.

Find out why Behavior Intelligence is being sought after by business owners and organization leaders and execs.

About The Webinar

Behavior is the only way we communicate and interact with one another. What you are doing right now, as you read this, is part of your automatic unconscious programming. In neuroscience this is referred to as your “Neural Pathways”. During our short 1 hour seminar we’ll take you through what makes behavior important in coaching and how our own biases can creep in and mislead us. Lots of great info, I guarantee it.

Being intelligent about the behavior we observe in others allows us to remove our biases to gain greater clarity and awareness.

Panel Interviews

Top coaches from all around the world have recognized the value and have integrated Behavior Intelligence in all their coaching. You can’t read people’s minds, nor should you try. But with AccuMatch and Behavior Intelligence you now have an insight to identify specific behavior that we are able to explore to better coach clients.

Join us on the seminar.

Regular classes

Because this is such an intriguing subject and because people are so different, we found that running weekly educational classes has helped talented elite coaches from vast backgrounds uncover the value of
Behavior Intelligence in coaching.

Live recordings

Every educational session we run is recorded and edited so it can be cataloged and so it can be easily searched by topic, behavior or speakers. This means that there are many examples and scenarios that you can use to better understand the behavior triggers and how to coach these.

Featured Speaker

Nagui Bihelek

Founder and CEO

Nagui has been an entrepreneur and inventor through most of his career. As a business owner of multiple start ups and corporate manager and executive he has vast experience in leading and coaching teams and individuals. His recent business venture as a firm owner of a coaching team led to the development of AccuMatch and its application in coaching through Behavior Intelligence.

Session 1: Thursday May 31st at 3:00pm MST

Session 2: Monday June 4th at 2:00pm

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